Ever lose a gig and regret not taking a deposit?

Are you too busy to send contracts?

Have you struggled keeping track of who is supposed to be where, and when?

ManagerSal is here to help


Book Unlimited Events

Manage Unlimited Customers

Unlimited Number of Documents

Automated Contract Generation

Automated Feedback and Surveys

Collect Deposits and Payments Online

App Integrations (e.g. Gmail, Square, Paypal)

Customer Support

Easy Website Integration

Track Client Communication

Built-in Professional Contracts and Templates

Financial Record Keeping

Integration With Your Calendar

And much more!


Limited Time Offer, save up to 67%




Limited Time Offer




Limited Time Offer




Limited Time Offer

Ultra affordable at every stage of your career

We have fought to keep ManagerSal affordable since it's debut in 2008 by keeping our focus on features that matter to you and your business. The time and money you save using ManagerSal may be the largest Return On Investment (ROI) in your business. A few dollars with us will save hours in the office and impress your customers.

How Does Free Sound?

      The greatest compliment we receive is your referral, well, let's be honest, and when folks tell us our support is awesome! Um, and when we hear that we changed your life ... and sometimes even that we are the reason you stayed in business. Ok, back to free! Every referral puts a $10 credit in your account, that means when you refer enough friends, ManagerSal core is free, free, free!!!


Business Boosters, Starting at Only $5

Give Your Business a Boost! Powerful tools tailored to your needs.

      Your business is growing, and ManagerSal is growing with you. Our business boosters are laser-focused add-ons to your account, giving you the tools to expand as you need them. Whether it's office staff, an events team, or more automation, we have a booster for you. Boosters have massive ROI, and often pay for themselves the first time you use them. Boost your business today!


Office Assistants


Txt Messenger

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Need more? We have just what you need to give your business a boost! Customize ManagerSal to fit your business model! Over the last 12 years our most successful customers have come to us with requests for major updates for their growing businesses. We design, program, and pack them up as optional add-ons that we call boosters. That's right, you make ManagerSal tailored to you!

Agency Booster

Our original booster has helped ManagerSal business owners run booking agencies for over a decade. It includes tools for regular and seasonal event staff, payment tracking, calendar feeds, tax summaries, and customizable contracts. Don't turn down the gig, book a friend and you both profit! Add the Agency Booster to your account for $5/mo.

Agency Booster

Office Assistants

When you are too busy to do all of your office work and gigs it's time to hire help. Office assistants working in your ManagerSal account have everything they need to book events, collect deposits and follow up with your leads and customers. ManagerSal's Office Assistant booster enables three additional safe logins to your account without compromising your privacy and confidential information. Hire a friend to help book gigs and add the Office Assistant booster today for $5/mo.

Office Assistants

Multiple Businesses

Are you starting a spin-off business like coaching or being Santa or Themed Shows? If your business grows into new brands then ManagerSal's Multiple Businesses booster is for you. This add-on makes it easy to add up to three additional brands, payments, and calendars while sharing essential components of your business. Grow into a new business today for only $5/mo.

Multiple Businesses

Txt Messenger Booster

Assure your customers with a quick text message confirmation that you are all set for their event. Stay in touch with your subcontractors with an SMS so you know if your events are running smoothly. Take ManagerSal's business automation to the next level by scheduling and sending SMS messages for only $5/mo.

Txt Messenger

Did We Miss Something?

It's in there. We have loads of features that are in beta-release. If you don't see what you want we might already have it. If not, we'll strongly consider building it just for you (and people like you).

Helping you succeed is how we succeed. We've been in your shoes.

We started twisting balloons to pay rent and now travel the world as freelance entertainers. We built Sal when we were just starting out to solve very real challenges in order to "make it". ManagerSal will always do whatever is needed to help you grow your business.